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About HiddenPiX

HiddenPiX Multimedia Academy is a reputed name creating gems for the animation industry.This animation institute comes with a unique set of exclusive animation & web courses intended to groom the aspiring professionals to the fullest. In the recent years the industry has been able to deliver a talented team of skilled professionals engaged in the media sector. The Web Designing & animation courses offered by the institute are extremely viable and time-bound. These distinct courses are applicable for the digital media industry including Web, Audio, Film, Digital Arts and Games, Advertizing Industry. It makes the students well polished and trained enabling them to work in the diverse field of multi-media.

The teaching strategy adopted by this distinguished multimedia academy is unique in nature. This multimedia institute is expertise in creative and advanced techniques held necessary for the current scenario. The skills, techniques, strategies and course curriculum adopted by the company are an ultimate blend of knowledge and skills leading to groom the aspiring professional in an extraordinary way.

Academic PiXel

@ HiddenPix, We Offer ultimate multimedia courses designed to offer practical as well as theoretical set of knowledge to the students aspiring for a successful career. HiddenPix offers special courses impeccably designed for both the beginners as well as for the professionals already engaged in the animated industry. The beginner program offered by us is 24 months duration terrifically designed for the people aspiring successful career. We also offers specialized courses covering the fine arts and visual effects along with customized timing and duration.

Excellence PiXel

HiddenPiX is an ultimate package of qualities that draws your career towards an escalated growth. Academy comes with extreme flexibility allowing you to work at your own pace. The interaction level of student and teacher is absolute in order to develop interest leading them to learn to the best of their knowledge. Our 10 years vast experience gives the blend of excellence towards understanding recent industry demands, Live Practicals in TP (Theory + Practicals) Labs and conversation along with concerning faculty are the exclusive advantages offered by us. Academy assessments are evaluated on a routine basis leading to ensure the students to perform better than the best. The flexibility provision allows you to fast track the schedule for quick completion of the program.

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